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Best Beaches in Dominican Republic

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

After visiting over 25 beaches, here are our top 4 beaches in Dominican Republic! This list was not easy to make, but if your time is limited and you want to visit the best beaches in Dominican Republic, then keep reading. We ranked the beaches based on scenery, seclusion, and clear waters. I'll also be sharing the pros and cons of visiting each beach.

Isla Saona, Dominican Republic
Isla Saona

Best Beaches in Dominican Republic

Playa El Valle

Best Beaches in Dominican Republic
Playa El Valle, Samana Bay

Playa El Valle -- El Valle, Samaná.


  • Secluded beach.

  • Walking distance to accommodations to fit every budget.

  • Beach camping grounds are available.

  • Beautiful dramatic views of mountains and the endless Caribbean Sea.

  • Small sweet water river connecting to the beach.

  • Local fish boats are available for nearby excursions.

  • Crowd-free.

  • Very photogenic beach #doitforthegram

  • Perfect for swimming.

  • Only one small local shack restaurant is open with no regular hours, so getting lunch can be a hit or miss. They usually open from 12-3 pm (at the time of our visit.)

  • Local town vibes.


  • Only one small local shack restaurant is open with no regular hours, so getting lunch can be a hit or miss. They usually open from 12-3 pm (at the time of our visit.)

  • Electricity is limited, and at night, the beach/roads get dark.

  • No shopping area nearby, you'll have to drive into town.

Playa El Ermitaño

Hidden Caribbean beach in the Dominican Republic
Playa El Ermitaño, Samana

Playa El Ermitaño "Hermit Beach" is reachable via boat ride from Playa El Valle in Samana.


  • This beach is located right in the center of the rainforest/jungle, lining the shores with hundreds of coconut trees. You truly feel like you're in a tropical paradise.

  • Playa el Ermitaño is a secret hidden beach, therefore tourist-free!

  • Lush jungle vibes everywhere you turn!

  • Very photogenic beach #doitforthegram

  • Waves are perfect for swimming and kid-friendly.

  • Secluded beach, chances are you'll have it all to yourself!


  • You need a boat to reach this beach, so you must be willing to travel.

  • You're not allowed to stay overnight.

  • No food or drink is available for purchase while on the island.

Isla Saona

Dominican Caribbean Beaches
Isla Saona

Isla Saona is one of the most popular day trips on the Island, and it's easy to see why. Many movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" were filmed near this Island due to its vibrant deep Caribbean hues and breeze palm trees that make Saona Island a top Caribbean beach.


  • Easy to book a day trip from anywhere on the Island.

  • Vibrant hues and clear water for snorkeling.

  • Massages are available for booking on the Island (some of the best.)

  • Snacks and refreshments available for purchase.

  • Very Photogenic and Iconic beach #doitforthegram

  • Waves are perfect for swimming.


  • Isla Saona gets crowded after 11 am due to all the day trips from Punta Cana, Bahahibe, and Santo Domingo.

  • It's become a bit of a tourist trap, so prices on the Island are high--even for coconut water!

  • You can't stay overnight.

Cayo Arena

Caribbean Island Beach in Monte Cristi
Cayo Arena

Cayo Arena, also known as "Paradise Island," is an epic tiny coral islet located on the Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic.


  • You get that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, stranded on an island.

  • Shallow Clear Waters.

  • Coral Islet home to tropical fish ideal for snorkeling.

  • Wild seagulls roam around the Islet.

  • A few human-made huts are available for shade.

  • Very photogenic #doitforthegram

  • Mangroves are nearby.

  • Exploring this Islet is an adventure for sure!


  • Only accessible via boat.

  • You can't stay overnight unless you want to sleep in the water!

  • It's a bit far from everything else on the Island.

  • No snacks or drinks are available for purchase; you must bring your own.

Dominican Republic Islet
Cayo Arena, Monte Cristi

Cayo Arena, Monte Cristi
Paradise Island

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