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Amazing Airbnb Stay; Casa el Paraiso Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

Updated: Jun 4

Casa el Paraiso was one of my favorite stays in all of Samaná. This Dominican-owned Airbnb is an experience in Las Galeras not to be missed! The Owners (Nora and José) are travelers, and they've decorated and nicknamed each room after a country they have traveled to. When visiting, you can expect the best views overlooking Samana Bay (a prime location for whale watching in Samana, Dominican Republic), delicious meals made by an in-house Italian chef named Mirko, and epic-looking rooms immersed in nature. One of my favorite travel tips for the Dominican Republic is to venture off the beaten path; you won't regret it!

Pool, Jacuzzi and bird-eye view from Airbnb is Dominican Republic
Casa el Paraiso- Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

Epic and affordable Airbnbs are rare, so when we found this hidden gem nestled in the jungle in Las Galeras, Samana, we quickly knew this would become a favorite destination to explore and revisit in the Dominican Republic.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases you make when you click on theses links at no additional cost to you.

I enjoy staying at Airbnb's around the world because they provide an authentic experience of local life and offer insights into the culture of the country you're visiting.

Amazing Airbnb Stay; Casa el Paraiso Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

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Casa el Paraiso Eco-Lodge Review

Casa el Paraiso - Las Galeras, Samaná Bay. Dominican Republic
Entrance to Casa el Paraiso

I stayed at Casa el Paraiso Eco-Lodge with my friend Zaira. We had been traveling through the Samaná peninsula, scouting the perfect venue for an intimate wedding dinner reception surrounded by nature. We arrived late in the evening and enjoyed a glass of wine while unwinding in the steaming Jacuzzi waters. There are few street lights in that area of Samaná; it's still very rural, untouched, and pristine - that's part of the charm. Due to the selective dim lighting upon our arrival, it was hard to grasp the splendor of the top-hill location.

Welcomed by a herd of family dogs, chirping parrots, and dancing white bird of paradise leaves, I immediately took my shoes off and enjoyed the moment. I felt like I was at home. That's one of the things I liked the most about our amazing airbnb stay at Casa el Paraiso in Las Galeras, Dominican Republic. Casa el Paraiso doesn't feel like a hotel. Instead, it feels like home.We came here from a stay at Unique Exotic Hotel in El Valle, Samaná, another favorite hotel only a 30-minute drive away. The drive over was a bit rough as the streets were not well-paved, and the signs were easy to miss. Nevertheless, it was all worth it! If you're looking for jungle vibes, secluded beaches, and an oasis to lay your little head down at night, this Airbnb in the Dominican Republic is it!

Casa el Paraiso Location | How to get to Casa el Paraiso in Las Galeras, Samaná

How to get to Casa el Paraiso in Dominican Republic
Casa el Paraiso's Location on Dominican Republic's Map

Casa el Paraiso Eco-Lodge is located in the picturesque coastal town of Las Galeras in the Samaná province of the Dominican Republic. For travelers coming from Santo Domingo, the journey to Casa el Paraiso is approximately a 3 hour and 30 minutes drive, while those arriving from Punta Cana should expect a 4 hour and 45 minutes drive. I highly recommend renting a car for convenience and flexibility during your stay. It's crucial to plan your arrival before sunset, as the route to the destination is dimly lit with limited street lights and signage. Navigating through the area after dark can be challenging and may lead to getting lost. Therefore, arriving well before nightfall is advisable to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Address: La Guázuma, 32000 Santa Bárbara de Samaná, Dominican Republic.

Samaná- Casa el Paraiso Hotel Rooms

Casa el Paraiso - Las Galeras, Samaná Bay. Dominican Republic
Sunrise- Room 2- Casa el Paraiso

We stayed in room number two, boasting a captivating marine theme reflecting the majestic humpback whales congregating in the vicinity from mid-December to late March. Most bungalows are open-air and designed sustainably, allowing guests to relish stunningly epic panoramic views. The property offers seven rooms, one of which is equipped with enclosed spaces and air conditioning. The latest addition to the accommodations is room 7, complete with its in-room jacuzzi. The entire villa is available for rent for larger groups, providing ample space for up to 16 guests. This blog post will review my favorite rooms: 1, 2 (where we stayed,) and 5, . In all honesty, any room you choose will make for an excellent experience, but if you can choose, I'd go with 1,5 or 7--- there's simply something magical about them!

La Marina - Room 1 - Casa el Paraiso Eco-Lodge

Casa el Paraiso - Las Galeras, Samaná Bay. Dominican Republic
"La Marina" Casa el Paraiso

Nicknamed "La Marina" and often called the most romantic room in this entire villa due to a massive natural- raw- coral rock filled with cascading candles that have been lit over the years and now form a fairy-tale-like cascading veil. This room features a queen-size bed and sleeper sofa, accommodating three guests. I can't decide my favorite part of this room; The raw coral rock wall, the completely open bathroom with a rooted shower and toilet facing the jungle, or the hammocks overlooking the jungle and sea below.

Casa el Paraiso - Las Galeras, Samaná Bay. Dominican Republic
Birds eye view of Samaná Bay

Africa - Room 5 - Casa el Paraiso Hotel

Casa el Paraiso - Las Galeras, Samaná Bay. Dominican Republic
Unique Airbnb's around the world

Nicknamed "Africa", this room is exotic and wild. I truly felt I was on safari in Africa as I walked through and marveled at all the well-crafted furniture pieces. My favorite room in this entire villa; Featuring its own Koi fish pond and completely open double-walls, enclosing jungle, mountain, and sea in a one-of-a-kind stay. This room can accommodate two guests.

Casa el Paraiso - Las Galeras, Samaná Bay. Dominican Republic
"Africa" Casa el Paraiso

At the time of our visit, Room 7, Nicknamed "Morocco," was not yet finished. I'll have to return and give it a proper review, but I'm pretty confident it ranks in the top 3!


Perched atop dramatic cliffs with breathtaking views of Samaná Bay and engulfed by lush jungle, this hidden gem features an exquisite infinity pool, a luxurious jacuzzi, a man-made sandy beach area for ultimate relaxation and tanning, a sauna, and shaded hidden nooks for chilling on a hammock while reading a book! Additionally, guests can enjoy alfresco views offered by the shared bathroom, which lacks doors. No worries; you'll do your business peacefully while facing the jungle, making it a truly unique and memorable experience.

This Airbnb has common areas shared with the owners (Santo Domingo Veterinarians Nora and José), a handful of playful dogs and parrots, and guests staying at the other bungalows.


There's an open kitchen, so you can bring groceries/ beverages to eat and drink. Or, if you'd prefer a more laid-back experience, they have an Italian gourmet chef (Mirko) who can cook you anything you'd like to eat. Chef Mirko makes delicious seafood platters featuring the local catch of the day and intertwining local and international flavors in every bite.

Final Words About Our Amazing Airbnb Stay at the Eco-Lodge Casa el Paraiso

This hand-crafted Airbnb uses recycled objects repurposed and used as furniture and decoration pieces. Here are some of my favorites!

Las Galeras, Samaná Airbnb
Rustic decor in Casa el Paraiso
Casa el Paraiso, Samaná
Re-purposed objects; An eclectic/unique look.

We loved our bungalow Dominican Republic stay in Casa el Paraiso. We only stayed one night at this Las Galeras hotel and immediately regretted the decision. Casa el Paraiso deserves at least a few nights! Have a day where you enjoy the space, book a romantic date night dinner with Chef Mirko (if traveling as a couple,) and do nothing. Have another day where you go beach hopping in the area and a day where you take a full-day excursion and go whale watching or zip lining in the Jungle!

Looking for things to do in Las Galeras, Samaná? Click here to book a whale watching tour or Click here to book a Zip Lining Adventure instead.

What are your thoughts? Would you stay here and which room would you choose?

Thanks for reading! I hope you get to experience this amazing Airbnb stay. Till next time!

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