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Caribbean Beach Vacation Packing Ideas

 Everyone always asks me what they should pack when traveling to the Dominican Republic, so I wanted to create a blog to share what I wore on the beautiful Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic and some outfits you should avoid. I put together a shoppable Amazon list inspired by my outfits, always thinking of quality, comfort, and ease of travel. So whether you're staying at a resort in Punta Cana or road-tripping the entire beautiful Island-- Here are 24 outfit ideas to pack for your next tropical trip!

What to wear in the Dominican Republic. What to pack for a beach trip.
Tropical Destination Outfit Ideas | Beach Budget Outfits from Amazon

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases you make when you click on these links at no additional cost to you.

 Always thinking of quality, comfort, and ease of travel.

Caribbean Beach Vacation Packing Ideas for 2024

Denim Shorts

Caribbean Inspired Outfits. Denim Shorts with a linen top.
Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

You will never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts. I love packing shorts whenever I visit a country with hot or humid weather, and the Dominican Republic has both. Denim shorts (aka jean shorts) are versatile, and you can wear them multiple times, making them perfect for traveling light. Typically, I wear denim shorts up to three times and pair them with different tops to create a new outfit each time. It's best to choose sleeveless tops or breathable t-shirts, and if you're planning to hit the beach, consider packing a swimsuit or bodysuit top.

How to style jean shorts. Denim Shorts vacay outfits.
Amazon Inspired Denim Shorts Outfit Ideas

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Knit Tops and Mesh Cover-Ups

Mesh coverup pants for beach vacation style. What to wear in Dominican Republic.
Tracadero Beach Resort

Knit tops and mesh cover-ups are perfect for walking around if you're staying at a beach resort or going to restaurants after swimming on the beach. They provide more coverage than just a swimsuit, making me feel more comfortable. That's why I always pack them; they're wrinkle-free, and some have pockets, which is always a win on my book! 

2024 Beach outfit ideas. What to pack for the Dominican Republic.
Amazon Inspired Mesh Cover Up Outfit Ideas

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Oversized Shirt Cover Ups 

Spa in Punta Rucia, Dominican Republic. Beach Spa.
Punta Rucia Lodge

One of my favorite all-time Caribbean beach vacation packing ideas is to take a couple of Oversized shirt cover-ups in my luggage. Oversized shirt cover-ups are great when you want to throw something on quickly. You can style oversized shirt cover-ups up or down with some accessories or a minimalist sandal for a more casual look. They're versatile and can be an extra top if you ever need one. 

Beach oversized top outfit ideas. Boho chic beach outfits.
Amazon Inspired Oversized Shirt Cover Up Outfit Look

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Wide Brim Hats

Summer sun protection with wide brim hat. Beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic.
Playa El Valle, Semana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has tropical warm weather year-round, so sun protection is necessary. I always take a wide-brim hat for more coverage and sun protection whenever I'm in the Caribbean. Get your hat in a chic neutral color to match almost every outfit, or make a statement with a fun multi-color wide-brim sun hat! 

The best summer hats. Affordable Amazon Summer Hats.
Wide Brim Hats

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Waterproof Shoes

When visiting a beach destination, it is important to pack both waterproof sandals for walking and more sturdy, back-support sandals for adventurous excursions.

The best shoes for travel adventure
Waterproof Shoes | Summer Hiking Sandals

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Breathable Flowy Pants

Linen Pants for Summer Outfits
Tracadero Beach Resort

Tan flowy pants are my ultimate favorite travel clothing item! I got so much wear from these pants; they fit perfectly in any setting. I prefer the color tan because it's so easy to match, and the color is light enough not to attack too much heat. White tends to get dirty quickly, and it's too hot in the Dominican Republic to wear black. 

What to wear on a beach vacation. Summer look Outfits.
Tan Flowy Pants Beach Outfit Ideas

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One-Piece Swimsuits

Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic Saona Island.
Isla Saona, Dominican Republic

I prefer packing one-piece swimsuits because they can easily double up as a bodysuit for a top if you're in a pickle. They also provide more support when trying adventure excursions like kite surfing, zip-lining, or horseback riding. 

The best one piece swimsuits for 2024
Summer One Piece Swimsuits by Cupshe

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Tropical Print Outfits

Tropical Print Maxi Dresses to wear on a cruise. Style for Dominican Republic.
Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa

A Dominican Republic getaway is the perfect place to wear those tropical and exotic prints you've been eyeing for a year. They are so much fun and can set the mood. Step out of your comfort zone and go wild with the prints! 

Beach Outfit Ideas. What to pack for a cruise.
Tropical Print Amazon Inspired Looks

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Kimono Cover-Ups

Paradise Island Dominican Republic. Cayo Arena.
Beach Kimono Cover-ups

Kimono cover-ups are a fantastic addition to your packing list. They offer a stylish touch when layered with regular clothing and provide just the right amount of warmth during cool evenings by the sea. Plus, they can be worn as a swimsuit cover-up, making this a versatile clothing item that can be re-purposed multiple times.

boho summer looks. retro summer looks.
How to Style a Kimono for Summer Looks

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Straight /Wide Leg Denims

Eco friendly hotels in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa

When packing long jeans for your trip, opt for loose-fitting and distressed styles for better ventilation. I mistakenly packed skinny jeans and regretted it due to the heat. I recommend choosing straight-leg or wide-leg denim jeans for a more comfortable and breathable experience in the tropical Caribbean summer heat. 

How to style wide leg denims. Summer looks from amazon.
Ribcage Jeans Summer Looks

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Colorful Flowy Dresses

What to pack to visit the Dominican Republic.
Summer Dresses for a Caribbean Trip

Colorful, flowy dresses are an excellent choice for traveling light because they don't take up much luggage space. You can easily dress them up or down with accessories. I enjoy wearing short, flowy dresses during the day when it's warmer, and in the evening, for a nice dinner out, I often opt for a full-length dress or a colorful maxi skirt.

Amazon Budget Summer Dresses
Beach Vacation Colorful Flowy Dresses

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Dominican Republic. What to wear in Punta Cana.
The Best Rompers for your Caribbean Holiday

Rompers are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to clothing options. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but most also come with pockets, allowing you to leave your purse behind at the hotel and enjoy the freedom of wearing pants while still looking stylish and put together.

How to style a romper. Jumpsuit style ideas.
Romper Looks from Amazon

Shop the Look at a Glance

I hope this list has inspired you to decide what to pack for your next Caribbean, Island, or cruise vacation! These items are my go-to every time I visit a warm and humid place. If you plan to visit the Dominican Republic soon, here's a 2-week road trip guide to help kick off your next adventure!

Till next time!

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