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Hi, I'm Naureen! 


I was born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Miami with roots that go all the way across the globe to Pakistan ( that's where my wanderlust nature comes from ). I travel the world part-time while juggling my passion for acting in NYC, my home. I also work as a lifestyle/print model and social media content creator/brand ambassador. When I'm not acting or traveling, you can find me blogging and sharing secrets of my travel adventures, so stay tuned!  You can also follow my live stories on IG @wheretonau


I believe in balance, so I travel frugal yet splurge for a day or two. I believe in embracing different cultures and learning from them; that's how I personally grow as an actor. I believe in finding your tribe, so I'm constantly adapting to change, growing, and evolving. Being multiracial, bilingual, traveling the world, and living in the melting pot that NYC is, my goal is to inspire women minorities everywhere to never settle and always follow their dreams. 



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About Me

Hi, I'm Naureen! Best known as WhereToNau on IG.

I travel the world part-time while juggling my passion for acting in NYC. I also work as a print/commercial/lifestyle model and content creator/blogger. let's work together!


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