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Underrated Places in Dominican Republic

Updated: Feb 19

Punta Cana is the most visited place in the Dominican Republic. The advertisement featuring white sand- clear water beaches, all-you-can-drink piña coladas, and adventurous day trips make this the perfect getaway. Most people don't even venture out of the resort they're staying at, and why would they? Punta Cana is a pure tropical paradise, or at least that's what we thought until we left Bavaro Beach. This post invites you to discover where you should go in the Dominican Republic. Sorry, but Punta Cana is not on our list!

Infinity pool facing the Caribbean Sea at Tracadero Beach Resort in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic.
Tracadero Beach Resort

Here are our Favorite 8 Underrated Places in the Dominican Republic

Las Galeras, Samaná | Dominican Republic

Airbnb Casa el Paraiso, Las Galeras, Samaná - Dominican Republic
Casa el Paraiso

If you visit the Samaná Peninsula between mid-December and late-March, you can see wild humpback whales congregate on the bay's shore. Humpback whales migrate to the Caribbean during winter, and they prefer these shallow, warm Caribbean waters while calving, so you might even spot a few baby whales. Our favorite Airbnb on the Island, Casa el Paraiso , is located in Las Galeras, overlooking the bay, perched upon jungly mountains. These eco-friendly, open-air bungalow rooms are an experience not to be missed!

Playa El Valle, Samaná | Dominican Republic

Playa El Valle, Samana -Dominican Republic
Playa El Valle

Playa el Valle is one of our favorite beaches on the Island. Secluded and boasting dramatic scenery, this beach is perfect for those wanting to disconnect and get away. The epic rock formation surrounding the beach area makes for a jaw-dropping beautiful scene. The gentle Caribbean waves invite you to adventure, dare, swim, and play in the sand while relaxing and leaving the "hectic lifestyle" behind. Read more about Playa El Valle and where to stay.

Playa El Ermitaño, Samaná | Dominican Republic

Playa El Ermitaño

Just a short boat ride from Playa El Valle, you can find Playa El Ermitaño. Playa El Ermitaño is a virgin beach lined with sea and mountains filled with coconut trees, and although you can't stay overnight, it is worth the trip! We barely saw anyone else there and had the entire beach to ourselves. Playa El Ermitaño is an underrated, hidden gem of the Dominican Republic that few people know about yet; hurry and visit before it gets too popular!

Bayahibe, La Romana | Dominican Republic

Infinity Pool in the Dominica Republic overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
Tracadero Beach Resort

Most people visiting La Romana stay at Casa de Campo, but we found the small town of Bayahibe (closer to the sea) very relaxing. We stayed at Tracadero Beach Resort and surrounded ourselves by infinity pools overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Tracadero Beach Resort was the perfect place to unwind while still being social as they played live music, had two onsite restaurants, and had a beach bar making the best cocktails!

Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo | Dominican Republic

Dominican Culture and history in Santo Domingo. Caribbean ruins of la Hispaniola.
La Zona Colonial Santo Domingo (Colonial Zone)

The Dominican Republic's capital, Santo Domingo, is home to cultural museums and well-preserved ruins dating back to the 1400s. You can glimpse the city life away from the beaches by visiting the capital. Santo Domingo is not a place to miss if you're a foodie! Many up-and-coming restaurants are opening their doors and merging traditional local flavors with innovative modern tastes that will expand your taste buds and take your culinary experience to another level. La Zona Colonial is a great place to hang out, shop, watch the locals, dine out, and experience the nightlife in Santo Domingo.

Underrated things to do in Dominican Republic: 6 Visit Wilson's La Boca Restaurant.

Wilson's La Boca Restaurant | Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Caribbean Outdoor Dinning Experiences in the Dominican Republic.
Having an Epic foodie experience at Wilson's La Boca

Wilson's Restaurant "La Boca" is a real adventure! This hidden gem restaurant is located at the mouth of a river named Yasica, and to get there, you have to cross the river via boat. Visiting La Boca was one of the highlights of our stay in Cabarete; this rustic river-side restaurant offers authentic Dominican seafood with fresh and local ingredients.

El Choco National Park | Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Caving in the Dominican Republic. Dominican adventures.
El Choco National Park | Cabarete, Dominican Republic

El Choco National Park is located near downtown Cabarete. When visiting, you can hike, swim, dive, and learn about the Taino culture in the Dominican Republic. On tour, you'll explore three cave systems, from underground to semi-open.

Underrated places in Dominican Republic - 8 Rio Yasica.

Rio Yasica | Cabarete, Dominican Republic

We discovered Yasica River on our way to Wilson's restaurant "La Boca" and automatically, fell in love with this place upon arrival. It's laid back, less crowded, and perfect to learn to kitesurf if it's your first time! Plus, it's right across from one of the best restaurants in Cabarete. You can combine dining at Wilson's restaurant with a half-day of adventure sports, including lazy river tubing and kitesurfing at Rio Yasica.

I hope you found some new adventures to add to your next visit to the Dominican Republic. Thanks for reading, and leave a comment below if you have an underrated location in the Dominican Republic that we should add to our list.

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Fernando Lamberty
Fernando Lamberty
Jul 16, 2022

This was an incredible list packed with tons of really nice spots I hadn’t heard of. Amazing job!

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