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17 Reasons The Dominican Republic Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

I just got back from backpacking the Island, and let me tell you, The Dominican Republic truly is paradise! This underrated travel destination should be on everybody's list, but hurry! Soak up all the natural jungle vibes, epic beach settings, and unforgettable lodging accommodations before the word gets out, and it becomes over-populated with mobs of tourists. Get epic with us and see why I fell in love with The Dominican Republic. Here are my 17 reasons the Dominican Republic should be your next travel destination.

Epic hidden beach in the Dominican Republic.
Playa El Ermitaño, Samaná

The Dominican Republic is the perfect travel destination for beach lovers, water sport enthusiasts, adventure junkies, relaxed yogis, cultural foodies, and individuals looking to disconnect from the world and connect with the inner self.

I fell in love with the secluded lush jungle lined with coconut trees and waterfalls that I found in Samaná, the foodie adventures I had in Cabarete, and the cultural knowledge I gained in Santo Domingo.

So without further ado, here are:

17 Reasons The Dominican Republic Should Be Your Next Travel Destination.

1. Airfare Cost.

The average round trip plane ticket to travel from NYC to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, can range between $180-$360+, vs. the average round trip plane ticket from NYC to Bali or Thailand (which have similar epic beaches to the Dominican Republic) ranges between $650-$800+. That's an average savings of over $470 on international travel if you live closer to the Caribbean than South East Asia.

Fruit Stand in the colorful town of Cabarete. Caribbean Island Living.
Downtown Cabarete, Dominican Republic

2. Travel Time.

It's effortless and affordable to find a direct flight from NYC to Santo Domingo, making your total travel time an average of 3hr 34min. For South-East Asia, on the other hand, you will need multiple layovers, making your average travel time 23hrs+

Travel Roadtrip in Dominican Republic.
Santo Domingo | Zona Colonial | Dominican Republic

3. The Dominican Republic Is Not That Touristy Yet.

Locals mainly inhabit the Dominican Republic (excluding Punta Cana). So you'll get an authentic local experience in every town you visit.

Bars in Dominican Republic, nightlife and lodging.
Punta Rucia Lodge, Dominican Republic

4. Having the Jungle / Rainforest, Desert & Secluded Beaches all on one Island.

The Dominican Republic is a big Island offering a diversity of landscapes and activities to indulge even the pickiest of travelers. Travelers visiting the Dominican Republic can sit back, relax, enjoy epic sunset views, or get epic with an adventure excursion.

5. Being Isolated.

It's most likely that you'll have the area all to yourself once you leave the big resort areas.

Samaná, Dominican Republic
Playa El Valle, Samaná

6. Involuntary Disconnect.

Sure, we all say we'll put the phone away and enjoy nature when we travel. But what if you found yourself having no electricity & wifi? The Dominican Republic still has power shortages in highly rural beach areas away from Punta Cana. Sometimes, the Caribbean rain is so heavy that the wifi towers won't pick up the signals, leaving you with less social media time interaction. I call that the perfect time to meditate, gaze up at the stars if it's nighttime, and have lots of "me" time! In a way, it's an all-inclusive spiritual retreat!

Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
Tracadero Beach Resort

7. Trying Something New and Learning Kite Surfing.

Cabarete is one of the top places in the world for kite surfing. I say book a villa for a month in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and have an adventure-- learn how to kite surf!

kitesurfing trip in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Kite Surfing Schools at Encuentro Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

8. If Paradise starts looking a little dull, Book an Adventure Excursion.

In Samaná, you can go zip lining in the middle of the jungle, take a donkey ride and travel to refreshing waterfalls, go island hopping, hike the wilderness, visit a fishing village and explore the picturesque main town area. In Cabarete, you can practice a handful of water sports, go canoeing, caving, and rappeling. Or take a trip and visit a remote island for snorkeling with starfish-infused waters, tropical fishes, and coral reefs.

Adventure Beach Excursions in Dominican Republic.
Horseback Riding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

9. Humpback Whale Watching in Samana, Dominican Republic.

If you visit Samaná from December to March, you can whale watch. Every year, more than 2,000 Humpback Whales make their way to the Atlantic Ocean's warm waters of Samaná to mate. So, not only will you see Humpback whales, but you'll perhaps witness them being born! How amazing is that?!?! Definitely on my bucket list!

10. You Can Sleep in a Treehouse Hotel in the Middle of The Jungle.

We found lodging in the Dominican Republic to be unique and special. We got to visit accommodations in tree houses in the middle of the jungle. Wake up to the sound of heavy morning rain in the rainforest by the beach, and sip cocktails overlooking the Caribbean sea, bathing in mineral water from our infinity pool gazing at the sunset.

Samaná, Dominican Republic
Dominican Tree House

11. The Dominican Republic is Still Wild.

The Dominican Republic is wild, unpredictable (weather-wise), raw, unspoiled, and utterly beautiful. Once you leave the big resorts in Punta Cana, the Island will look less developed, less commercial, and more local, authentic, and genuine.

Caves in Dominican Republic
Cuevas de Cabarete | El Choco National Park

12. All-Inclusive Options are Available in Punta Cana.

Punta Cana is perhaps the most touristy destination side of the Dominican Republic for vacations. Nevertheless, if you want to have fun on your trip and party with all meals and drinks included, then Punta Cana is the way to go. Punta Cana is perfect for travelers that don't want to venture out and prefer staying within the resort premises. You can also find great travel deals that include airfare and all-inclusive resort accommodations with airport transfers. I once saw a 4-night resort stay with international travel airfare from NYC for $399; You can't beat that! Punta Cana is also an excellent option for family travel.

All-Inclusive Resort in the Dominican Republic
Barcelo Bavaro Palace | Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

13. Reachable Surrounding Islands and Islets.

You can find many islands and Islets off-the coast surrounding the Dominican Republic within 20 min via boat. These Islands are mostly unoccupied and provide some of the most transparent waters in the Caribbean for snorkeling.

Islet in the Dominican Republic
Cayo Arena, Punta Rucia | Dominican Republic

14. Getting to Tour the Oldest Colonial City of the Americas.

Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is home to La Zona Colonial (the Colonial Zone.) The Colonial Zone is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas. You can find well-preserved ruins here, dating back to 1496, and museums explaining the evolution of the Dominican culture.

Colonial Zone in the Dominican Republic.
La Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo | Dominican Republic

15. Top-Notch Yoga Retreats and Spas.

I found one of my favorite yoga temples in Cabarete. It was one of the first times in my life where I truly felt relaxed and at peace—overlooking the ocean while in a downward-facing dog pose. Somehow time stood still and the term "go with the flow" became my reality.

Caribbean Spa in the Dominican Republic. Beach Spa.
Punta Rucia Lodge, Dominican Republic

16. Foodie Adventures.

We tried so many different styles of cooking in the Dominican Republic. From an International chef's table at our resort to an off-the-beaten-path rustic shack by a river. The setting continually changed, but one thing remained the same-- the authentic local flavor!

Where to eat in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Seafood Platter at Wilson's La Boca

17. Magical Beach Sunsets Daily!

We found the weather almost perfect year-round for travel to the Dominican Republic. However, summers can be sweltering, and hurricane season can bring some rain, but despite that, you get an epic beach sunset almost daily.

Swings in the Caribbean beaches of Dominican Republic.
Beach Sunset | Summer in Dominican Republic

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