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Top Ten Things to do in Central Mexico

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

After exploring Central Mexico for 9 days, here is my personal list of the Top Ten Things to experience / do during your stay. Central Mexico is a foodies paradise... so be sure to enjoy the food, life, art and culture! *This list is based on Mexico City, Puebla & Oaxaca.

1. Uber it! --

We loved renting a car in the Yucatan, but when it came to Mexico City, we found that using an Uber was the best option. In the city, traffic is hectic and unconducive to unwinding ( the primarily reason why we vacation / travel ), plus Uber is super cheap and reliable there!

2. Go bar hopping in Mexico City --

We found the nightlife and bar scene to be at it's finest in the heart of the capital, Mexico City. Here bar hopping is more than just hitting bar after bar, in Mexico City bar hopping is a cultural experience! For more on bars in Mexico City Check out my post "Bar Hopping in Mexico City" where I share 3 cool bars and my favorite 3 speakeasies.


3. Soak the art in--

Visit the art museum in Mexico City, Castillo Chapultepec and the house of Frida Kahlo!

4. Visit a local market --

We went to a total of 4 mercados (markets ) in Mexico City. * Mercado de Coyoacan: This mercado is smaller compared to the more central ones. We found the best local desserts here and people were super friendly! We highly recommend visiting if you're planning to go to Casa Azul ( Frida Kahlos House ). * Mercado Roma: Our favorite! Maybe not a "real old fashioned mercado" as this market is more upscale, trendy and smaller compared to the other

ones, but you can find some delicious authentic bites. Our favorite stalls were:

- La Reina de la Braza

- Butcher sons

-Churerria El Morro &

- The rooftop beer garden.

* Mercado La Merced & Mercado de San Juan : Both these markets were a little too intense for us so we simply did a quick stroll and left without eating. People are hustling hard here and even knowing the language we felt rushed and uncomfortable with all the screaming. Another thing to

point out about both these markets is that you can't have a delicate stomach to come here, as you'll see all kinds of animals hanging dead at the front of these shops... These markets are enormous, so imagine walking into 50 butcheries at the same time where everyone is calling out the speacials to lure you in! On another note, both these mercados are the real deal. Chefs come here to shop for fresh meats and produce , so it's up to you if you stay and eat but it definitely deserves a visit.

5. Scream your guts out at a lucha libre match --

Mexican wrestling? sign me up! Some locals go for the sport others to release stress and vent out all of life's daily frustrations... You'll hear people from the crowd screaming insults and offensive words at these fighters- all part of the fun and culture for them, so don't freak out. I personally couldn't do it, but found it hilarious seeing others really get into it! If planning a visit I recommend buying your ticket ahead of time either through ticket master or the morning of at the ticket booth. If its a popular fight tickets tend to sell out so keep this in mind. Also, professional cameras are not allowed, but they let you take photos with your mobile device.

6. Eat the street food --

The best tacos we found we're street ones for .42cents! Stop by a local vendor and order some tacos Al pastor!!!

7. Fall in love with the colors of Puebla

Puebla is only a 2 hr bus drive from Mexico City. If you get a chance go! It was our favorite city in central Mexico !! So colorful and full of genuine people. Most travelers visit Puebla as a half day stop on the way to Oaxaca but I urge you to stay for a couple of days... There's so much beauty to see and places to visit!

8. Experience fine dining in Oaxaca--

When we travel, we like to balance our trips culinary life with a mixture of street food, fine dining and everything in between! After Experiencing a handful of fine dining restaurants from the Yucatan, to Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca our favorite fine dining city was Oaxaca! We fell in love with 3 awesome places that gave us 5 star treatment through our entire dinning process. From the moment we were greeted at the door to the moment we left the room, they never dropped the ball! Note: This top 3 list is not in order of ranking but in order of visit. Truth is these 3 spots were so amazing we couldn't decide which one was our favorite. That hardly ever happens, so try to visit all 3 :)

Los Danzantes

Casa Oaxaca


9. Visit a Tequila / Mezcal distillery --

What's the difference between Tequila and Mezcal? Tequila can only be made from one agave plant (blue agave) while Mezcal can be produced from any wild agave plant. If you're a Tequila or Mezcal lover I highly recommend visiting a distillery. By visiting you get to learn the process in which Mezcal is produced plus you get to try so many different rare batches that are only sold locally! It takes 8 to 35 years for an agave plant to fully mature, so the process of Tequila and Mezcal making can be lengthy specially if it's an aged one. Most Mezcal is made in Oaxaca and not all Mezcal / Tequila is Exported... They keep the best batches in Mexico since it's so hard to produce and serve it locally.

10. Hike and Swim in Hierve el Agua --

Visit one of the only two natural petrified water falls in the world and swim in its mineral water infinity pools...

This is my personal favorite Top Ten Things I did during my stay in Central Mexico. Have a favorite thing to do I did not mention? leave a comment below! ...till next time!

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