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Fine dining in Oaxaca

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The best fine dining we did while backpacking Central Mexico was in Oaxaca! We were surprised at this, as we for sure thought Mexico City would win this title, but we were wrong. Don't let the cosmopolitan city vibes of Mexico City foul ya, for Oaxaca is taking over!

After trying a handful of restaurants in Oaxaca, here are our Top 3 Fine Dining Spots:

1. Los Danzantes --

We highly recommend having dinner at Los Danzantes! Ask to be seated in their outdoor patio. The vibe here is casual, chic, and laid back. Traditional cuisine meets the modern world. Cultural flavors interlace with inventive, unapologetic cuisine. Elevating the standards and always creating new dishes out of old recipes by adding a unique twist! Also an excellent spot for mezcal tasting!

2. Casa Oaxaca --

Perhaps the staple of fine dining restaurants in Oaxaca. Established in 1997 by chef Alejandro Ruiz, this restaurant combines the best of traditional flavors and creative dishes. For the best view and tables, ask to be seated upstairs overlooking the beautiful city. Celebrating something special? let them know ahead of time and make a reservation. We were celebrating our 5th anniversary, and they got us the cutest candle and dessert. Thanks, guys!

3. Origen --

We decided to visit Origen for lunch on our last day in Oaxaca. Initially, we wanted to go for dinner, but the restaurant was packed, and we had not made prior reservations. I'll say this; the hype is real! We had such a fantastic lunch there! We recommend to RVSP, though, as this place is almost always full. The menu is continuously changing with the season.

Those were our Top 3 in Oaxaca. A fine dining restaurant to avoid at all costs, seriously we had the worst service, paid twice as much, and the food was hit or miss with a couple of decent dishes, and other awful ones is Pitiona. Save yourself a tummy ache!

Do you have a favorite fine-dining spot in Oaxaca? Share with a comment below! We love finding new places!


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