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4 Days in New Orleans: New Orleans Bucket List

After just a few hours post landing, New Orleans became one of our favorite American cities that does not feel American. The heavy influences of Creole culture and Cajun cuisine make this a unique experience and destination. We were swayed by the notes of Jazz filling every corner, enticed by the savory smells lingering in our taste buds, and carried away into believing legends of haunted places. We invite you to discover the best of New Orleans through our complete 4-day itinerary, and yes, we're going way beyond Bourbon Street!

Colorful home in New Orleans. Street in Nola.
ByWater District New Orleans USA

New Orleans is the most popular city in Louisiana, located on the Mississippi River and near the Gulf Coast of Mexico. It is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, lively nightlife, iconic jazz music, and bold, spicy culinary flavors. Known as the "Big Easy," this diverse city combines the historical and cultural influences of French, African, and American immigrants.

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The heavy influences of Creole culture and Cajun cuisine make this a unique experience and destination.

4 Days in New Orleans: New Orleans Bucket List

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Best Time to Visit New Orleans:

Best Time to Visit New Orleans for Weather:

🔸February to May: has good, comfortable weather.

🔸June to September: it is scorching, so bring sunglasses, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen. I would also add a portable hand fan; you'll need it!

🔸October to January: it begins to cool down. This is my favorite time of year to visit and spend 4 days in New Orleans, tackling everything on my New Orleans Bucket List! The walks are more pleasant, and the streets are quieter (as quiet as you can get for New Orleans.) This is the best time to explore New Orleans on foot and walk around the Garden District, Bourbon Street, the French Market, and Frenchmen Street.

Best Time to Visit New Orleans for Festivals:

🔹 January to March: Mardi Gras 🔹May: New Orleans Jazz Fest 🔹 September: Hot Air Balloon Festival 🔹October: Halloween Parade

🔹 December: Nola Christmas Fest/ Holiday light show in City Park.

Best Time to Visit New Orleans for Foodies:

⚜️ March to June: Crawfish season ⚜️ May: Food and Wine Festival ⚜️ June: Oyster Festival / Cajun-Zydeco Festival ⚜️ July: Tales of the Cocktail Carnival ⚜️ September: Fried Chicken Festival

Foods to try in New Orleans.
Fried Chicken Festival in New Orleans

The last time we decided to visit the city of New Orleans on the Mississippi River was at the end of September for their Fried Chicken Festival. As foodies, we couldn't have been happier with our decision. Despite the sweltering weather, the lines were short, hotel accommodations were affordable, and Bourbon Street/ the French Quarter area only slightly had that infamous vomit smell. For us, that was a win-win! No matter when you decide to visit New Orleans in the United States, I promise you this: There will always be a party with the best live Jazz music, and unique tours to take, and the food will be so full of flavor it will blow your mind! Keep reading for the best tours we highly recommend you take in Nola!

How Many Days in New Orleans?

New Orleans is a relatively small city compared to the entire state of Louisiana. You can easily spend a day in New Orleans and see the major highlights. You can explore some of the nightlife with a 2-day trip to New Orleans. But, if you want to indulge in the great food, partake in a few festivals, and take guided tours, I recommend 4 days in New Orleans. With 5 days in New Orleans, you'll understand why they call it the "Big Easy."

Transportation and How to Get Around in New Orleans

If traveling to New Orleans by air, you'll land at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. You can Uber from the airport to your hotel or the city center. Once in New Orleans, we found public transportation affordable, reliable, and the best way to go! For this itinerary, we'll travel mostly on foot and take the trolley and local ferry, which are so much fun! If you spend less than 4 days in New Orleans, you won't need a car.

Transportation from the airport: I have to hand it to New Orleans, the most organized airport we've been to! So easy to navigate... They even have a designated area for App-related pickups 🙌🏽, so we knew exactly where to wait for our Uber. 💃🏽🕺🏽

With so much free time (not having to look for our Uber driver), we decided to take a bunch of selfies! At that moment, I knew this trip would be hassle-free and easygoing...

Suppose you want to explore other cities in Louisiana like Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Natchitoches, Shreveport, and Monroe. In that case, I highly recommend renting a car. Driving in Louisiana is easy and will make for a much better trip with your own vehicle. We love using Discover Cars every time we rent a car during our travels. Discover Cars is a search engine that searches for the best car rental deals for the destination you're visiting, and it actually works! We saved $40 on a car rental in NYC last spring. Click here for the latest prices and more information on car rentals in New Orleans.

Top Things To Do in New Orleans | Favorite Guided Tours

Embark on a guided expedition through Louisiana's remaining protected wetland area to discover diverse wildlife.This swamp tour will keep your focus sharp in search of alligators and includes roundtrip transportation from New Orleans. The tour takes approximately 2 hours. Click here for the latest prices and more information.

Embark on a thrilling guided exploration of the most haunted locations in New Orleans. Delve into the city's chilling history through gripping true crime stories, intriguing voodoo legends, and spine-tingling encounters with the paranormal. See first-hand the ghost behind the Louis Cathedral and more! Click here for more information and the latest prices.

Explore the food culture of New Orleans with a local guide. Visit some of the French Quarter's most renowned restaurants to savor delicious cuisine and learn about the history and flavors of New Orleans. Click here for more information and the latest prices.

I highly recommend making the time and attending a shrimp boil for the ultimate New Orleans travel dining experience! Pair that with live music and balcony views of the city's main street, and you have an epic New Orleans night out. Shrimp boils are among the local favorite things to do in the big easy! Click here for more information and the latest prices.

Accommodations | Where to Stay in New Orleans

You'll find the mid-range luxurious hotel Monteleone in the heart of the French Quarter. The hotel boasts luxurious amenities, various stylish bars, including the famous carousel bar (listed in our top things to do in New Orleans), indoor and rooftop pools, and fine dining restaurants, making it an attraction. Our stay here was delightful, and we highly recommend this hotel if you want to pamper yourself and be at the center of the action during your trip! Click here for more information and to view the latest prices.

4-Day New Orleans Itinerary

New Orleans places to eat. Photo of cookies and milk.
Cookies and Milk with Cookie Dough at Willa Jean

Day 1 -- Exploring The French Quarter & sailing the Mississippi River to Algiers Point...

We arrived in New Orleans at precisely 9:11am. After Taking our Uber downtown, we decided to skip checking in and headed off to one of our favorite breakfast spots -- Willa Jean!

We had: * Louisiana Crab Benedict * BBQ Shrimp Toast

* A couple of lattes * Cookies and milk with cookie dough

Entrance to Erin Rose bar in the French Quarter in Nola.
Best Frozen Irish Coffee in New Orleans

After breakfast, check into your hotel or drop your bags off if it's too early. We stayed at Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. To enjoy the nightlife, staying in the French Quarter is a must-do in New Orleans. During the next 4 days of our New Orleans Itinerary, we'll be doing a lot of walking, so I recommend comfortable shoes for this trip. Now that we're luggage-free, let's start exploring Nola at its core-- strolling around the French Quarter! Grab a welcome early morning frozen drink at Erin Rose. Erin Rose is open 21 hours a day and is known for its great po' boy (a traditional Louisiana sandwich). Still, my favorite thing there is their frozen Irish coffee. It's so good! Oh! And street drinking is legal in New Orleans so you can take your drink to-go. New Orleans is one of the few states in the US where street drinking is permitted. Other states include Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Indianapolis, and Gainesville, FL.

inside the garden of the aquarium in New Orleans
New Orleans Aquarium

If traveling to New Orleans with kids during the summer, the aquarium is a great place to cool off. The air conditioning is always on, and you can see cute sea creatures there. Additionally, the aquarium is a convenient location to find the ferry stop for cruising the Mississippi River. This area also hosts outdoor festivals like the Fried Chicken Festival, shopping malls, and restaurants. We had no plans to visit the aquarium, but the heat got to us; we decided to go in and had a great time!

Cargo Boats on the Mississippi River.
Ferry Dock, New Orleans

Take the ferry and sail the Mississippi River. The ferry dock is near the aquarium on Canal Street. *Money-saving tip: instead of booking a cruise to sail the Mississippi, take the local ferry for just $2! and get Nola's postcard-perfect view from Algiers Point. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes and comes back every 15 minutes.

Once on Algiers Point, you can explore local bars and restaurants. The atmosphere in this part of town is less touristy and more authentic; it's not very busy. Since we were already full, we decided to look for colorful houses instead of dining. We discovered three main areas with stunning, vibrant, colorful houses; I'll share all these locations with you as we go. Starting with Algiers Point, we found the most beautiful homes on De la Ronde, Vallette, and Oliver Street. Check out the unique houses we came across!

Jackson Square view from Algiers Point.
View of Nola from Algiers Point

After taking a stroll, return to the French Quarter by ferry and look at New Orleans from afar; this view makes a postcard-perfect picture and is worth the trip alone!

Churches in New Orleans. Historic buildings.
St. Louis Cathedral

If it's the weekend and you return to the French Quarter by 2 pm (they close at 2:30 pm and re-open at 5:30 pm), head to Sylvain for some cocktails. Afterward, visit Jackson Square and walk around. You'll find live music, street food, art for sale, and fortune teller gypsies. New Orleans is known for its ghostly spirits. In fact, it's said to be the most haunted state in the USA! We recommend taking a ghost tour. Click here now for more information and for the latest prices. In Jackson Square, visit The St. Louis Cathedral.

Nearby, you'll find Pirates Alley, an 1830's cobblestone street alley full of vendors and artists hanging out. If you want to see a show, head to Le Petit Theater, one of the longest-running theaters in the United States, established in 1916. Then find a nook, escape the southern heat, and drink! Napoleon House has the best Pimm's Cup we've ever had; we went in for one and stayed for 3! Beyond the Pimm's Cup, this is a great spot to try a Muffuletta. The Muffuletta is an Italian on-the-go sandwich usually picked up at a deli or grocery store and served cold. Invented in 1906, this type of sandwich was created by an Italian immigrant and first made and served at the French Market in New Orleans. Years later, Napoleon House adapted this recipe and brought it into a sit-down restaurant, making it a hot dish to enhance the flavors. What's in a Muffuletta? 🔸Seeded Muffuletta bun 🔸Extra virgin olive oil 🔸ham 🔸salami 🔸 pastrami 🔸 provolone cheese 🔸Swiss cheese 🔸olive salad... Yum!

Coolest bars in New Orleans.
Carousel Bar - Monteleone Hotel

Ready for our 4th bar in Nola? Have cocktails inside a spinning, functioning carousel! At Carousel Bar inside the Monteleone Hotel. Touristy? Sure!! A must-do? Absolutely!!! Where else can you feel like a kid and grown-up at the same time!?! Plus, they make fantastic craft cocktails here. This is a great spot to try one of New Orleans's signature cocktails -- The Sazerac, handcrafted to perfection! Heads up, this bar is always crowded, so if waiting for a seat, just keep walking straight, and you'll find a second bar that's part of the hotel, crowd-free! This is the perfect spot to wait while a chair in this carousel opens up; keep an eye out!

Best happy hour spots in New Orleans.
Happy Hour Oysters at Luke's Restaurant

Having the Mississippi River right there, it's no surprise Nola is filled with amazing seafood spots. One of our favorite Happy Hour Oyster spots in the French Quarter was Luke's Restaurant. We loved it so much, we came here twice! Raw oysters are .75¢, and Fried oysters are $1.25. We recommend you try them both! Beyond happy hour, they also have a fantastic selection of specialty oysters! Definitely a place for foodies to check out! Have an early dinner here and save room for dessert, our next stop...

Affogato flight from Drip Affogato Nola.
Affogato Flight in Nola at Drip Affogato

Drip Affogato Bar--

@dripaffogatobar has the best Affogato flight in NOLA!

What's on my plate?

*Original Waffle

* Green Tea


*Cookie Monster

You can end your first night in New Orleans walking along Royal Street. In Royal Street, you'll find Preservation Hall-- a famous and celebrated old-school jazz club & Pat O'Brien's -- an old-school bar established in 1933 that's famous for its hurricane drinks (a New Orleans signature drink.) Or, instead, walk along Bourbon Street -- where all the partying happens; there are plenty of bars and restaurants in this area! We opted to join a ghost tour since we were in Nola! Click here for more information and the latest New Orleans ghost tour prices.

Shadow of Jesus from St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is known as one of the most haunted cities in the USA. It's a popular location for TV shows, movies, and documentaries because of its spooky setting and haunting legends. Tourists often gather in Jackson Square at night for a guided ghost tour, visiting haunted bars, restaurants, and houses. The photo I took shows the rear side of the St. Louis Cathedral, with the shadow of the statue of Jesus projected in a grand, almost haunting way. Despite this, the statue is meant to symbolize openness and acceptance. However, at first glance, it looks a little eerie! The idea of a ghost tour immediately reminded me of my teenage years when I watched "Are You Afraid of the Dark" on Nickelodeon. So, the kid in me jumped at the idea of a guided ghost tour!

Woman eating at beignet.
Eating beignets at Café Beignet

Day 2 -- Cruising through Frenchmen Street, Faubourg Marigny, and the ByWater district...

Today is all about colorful houses, the best live jazz music scene, and good beignets! The two most popular places in New Orleans to try a beignet are Cafe Du Monde -- established in 1862 ( cash only ) & Cafe Beignet. We went to both and had a favorite. For us, it's Cafe Beignet all the way! The Beignets were lighter, fluffier, and tasted so fresh!!! Head here for breakfast, a great way to start your day.

Best beignets in New Orleans. Cafe Beignet interior.
Cafe Beignet - New Orleans

Aligator heads.
Trying Wild Gator Game Meat at the French Market

After breakfast, we'll head to the French Market for some shopping and snacking. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even try some wild gator game meat - it tastes a lot like chicken, just a bit tougher. Today, we'll be doing a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes; your feet will thank you!

Travel blogger Naureen Chhipa from Where to Nau.

Next, we'll take a city walk (approximately 4 hours ). We'll see more local neighborhoods, rail tracks, warehouses, and colorful homes and make two stops along the way— for lunch and one for wine and snacks. We're heading to Faubourg Marigny from the French Market and ending in the Bywater district. Along this walk, we'll pass another popular market, St. Roch Market, which we will not stop at. Still, you can :) I'll give you the street name and general area of some of my favorite homes. As these are private residences, I will not disclose the full address regarding the owner's privacy. Make as many stops as you like. Go out there, explore, and get lost! We had so much fun doing so and felt like little kids on a colorful treasure hunt! That's part of the fun-- getting lost and finding these beautiful houses!

Disco Ball House in Faubourg Marigny New Orleans.

Faubourg Marigny

We found the neighborhood of Faubourg Marigny to be one of our favorites. It's not as crazy as the French Quarter, nor as far as Bywater, but right in the middle. It's just the right amount of walking in the southern heat. This more secluded neighborhood boasts bohemian bars, local jazz clubs, and Cajun bistros. The houses are beautiful and so full of character ; they look like they've been plucked out of a Visit New Orleans Mardi Gras magazine cover!

Our first stop is a 6-minute walk from the French Market. This pink beauty on Esplanade Ave will make any dancing disco queen's dreams come true!

Colorful House in New Orleans.

Pink House in Nola. Real life Barbie house.

A 4-minute walk after, find this home full of sunshine and ready for spring all year round on Chartres St.

A 9-minute walk from there, this Barbie dream home can be found on Marigny St.

Beautiful homes in the South. USA Travel. New Orleans.

A 7-minute walk after, say hello to red doors in Burgundy St.


Bywater District New Orleans. Urban homes in the South.

* Challenge: Can you find what street these are on? Leave a comment if you found these!

Colorful home decor in New Orleans. Orleans Itinerary.

Find popping colors on Clouet St.

Bywater District restaurants. Foodie spots in New Orleans.
Lunch at Red's Chinese

Hungry? Stop at Red's Chinese for Lunch--2-minute walk from our last house!

We were a little skeptical about trying Chinese food in a city like New Orleans-- known for it's bold Cajun flavors and Creole cuisine. But since we were already in the area and Fernando really wanted to give it a try, we decided to give it a go. After our first appetizer we fell in love with this place... Add it to your list of places to eat at! It will not disappoint! This restaurant has infused traditional Chinese food with Southern flavors and eccentric charm... Super yum!! *Please note that as of June 2024, this location is temporarily closed. They plan to re-open soon. You can click here for the most updated information on Red's Chinese.

New Orleans Itinerary.

Fall in love with all the street art murals in the area. This was my favorite one!

Colorful Houses in New Orleans.

Find my favorite house in Nola at Independence St.

New Orleans Where to Nau.

Live music bar in New Orleans.
Bacchanal, New Orleans

End your colorful journey at Bacchanal. This place is really cool! They have a wine store where you can buy refreshments and snacks and offer a fantastic cheese selection. After making your purchase, hand your items to the chef, who'll prepare a plate for you 😍. Then, you can head upstairs or to the patio for some live music!

Happy Hour Bars in New Orleans.
Cane and Table Restaurant Nola

After enjoying the laid-back atmosphere at Bacchanal, stroll to the vibrant Frenchmen Street area, where you'll discover some of the finest live jazz music venues. Before that, treat yourself to happy hour at Cane & Table (from 3 pm to 6 pm). We couldn't get enough of their refreshing cocktails and tasty Haitian Fried Chicken! This hidden bar gem is conveniently situated away from the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street yet still conveniently close to all the fantastic local jazz clubs!

Orleans Itinerary.
Hanging with the Locals

Here are some of our favorite spots for live Jazz in Nola: Street Jazz at Jackson Square. This is free and impromptu, as it's a local jazz musician sharing their love of music for a tip. So, no planning ahead (unless there's a festival). Chances are you might be walking by and spotting them! Stop, listen, tip, and chat when they're not playing. People in New Orleans are super friendly; we made new friends that day!

Jazz, drinks, and bites at Three Muses. Check their website before arriving, as they have different set times. The one we went to was 7pm, and those guys were killing it!

Things to do at night in New Orleans.
Nightlife in Frenchmen Street, New Orleans

Find more street live Jazz on Frenchmen Street, have an outdoor party with your

to-go drink, and remember to tip!

Nightlife in New Orleans.
The Spotted Cat Jazz Club, New Orleans

Our last jazz spot on day 2 in New Orleans was The Spotted Cat, where we ended our night. This spot also has different set times, so check their website before going. There's no cover charge unless a big band is playing, and this spot is cash-only.

Need a sugar fix? Head on to Cafe du Monde for a beignet! This spot is cash only and open 24 hours.

--end of day 2

How to get around New Orleans on a Budget.
Streetcar in New Orleans

Day 3 -- Magazine Street & The Garden District...

Today, we're riding the streetcar. It may be slower than an Uber, but it's a neat experience! Plus, you can relax and take the scenery in... Ride the streetcar uptown to Magazine Street! It's only $1.25. The St. Charles Avenue line is the world's oldest continuously operating street rail system! Up and running since 1893!

Magazine Street--For breakfast head over to Surrey's Cafe; its hipster vibes will prep you for the vintage shopping coming up next!

Instagrammable places in New Orleans.
Need I say more?

After breakfast, go vintage shopping at one of the cutest stores ever--

Foodie Spots in New Orleans.
District Donuts, New Orleans

We stopped for sweets at :

Celebrity Mansion in New Orleans
The Garden District: 1315 1st Street

After strolling down Magazine Street, head to the Garden District. In the Garden District, you'll find mansions owned by celebrities, estates used in famous Hollywood films and TV shows, and a mansion turned restaurant that offers $0.25 martinis. The Garden District is where the super-wealthy reside, making it worth a visit if you're feeling fancy. The neighborhood has an upscale vibe with muted colors and elaborate gardens, which explains its name. Here are my favorite mansions in the Garden District:

1. 1315 1st Street: Owned by Carroll Crawford, built in 1869. Known for hosting lavish parties back in the day... Just close your eyes and picture a "Great Gatsby" moment... Limousines are pulling up and revealing the "IT" crowd, wearing lots of beaded sequin dresses and even bigger precious stone jewelry. Men in bow ties and hats. Women with delicate feathered adornments in their hair, or perhaps it was way before the 1920s that these parties were being held, and the "IT crowd" arrived in carriages. Women wearing corsets and big dresses; no matter the era, this was the place to be and be seen!

Beautiful houses in the Garden District Nola.
The Garden District: 1432 Magazine Street

2. 1432 Magazine Street -- Something to keep in mind while walking this area is to wear comfortable shoes. Some sidewalks are broken/uneven, making a fall or ankle twist just around the corner. Be careful while walking and always looking down. You can also download an app to give you a self-guided tour outline. Guided tours are also available.

New Orleans American Horror Story Mansion.
The Garden District: 1410 Jackson

3.1410 Jackson " Bunkers Mansion " built-in 1856 and used as a front set in the American Horror Story season 4 "Coven."

Most Beautiful Mansion in New Orleans.
The Garden District: 1331 Street

4. 1331 1st Street was built in 1860.

Cool things to do in New Orleans
The Garden District

5. That Pink and Brick Mansion--

Out of all the mansions in this area, this one is probably the edgiest one, except for a couple other colorful ones we found. You won't see this mansion as part of the tour; for this one, you'll have to steer away from the crowd and take the less traveled road. Hint: It's easy to find if you look at the side streets from all the other ones we're visiting; that's how we found this beauty!

4 day trip to New Orleans
The Garden District

6. As you stroll around, pay attention to all the beautiful handmade old iron fences, gates, and architecture that dominate this area. You'll find elegant styles; corn, flowers, Pumpkins, etc. This one was one of my favorites...kinda looks like Bojack, don't you think?

7. 2523 Prytania Street --Nicholas Cage's Former Mansion-- eccentric much?

Oh, the drama...we definitely felt the energy! The sky turned grey when we got to this mansion, and severe showers followed. This is very common in New Orleans. It's always a good idea to carry a small umbrella with you, no matter how sunny and promising the sky looks when you leave your hotel. Nicholas Cage Owned this mansion before losing it to foreclosure in 2009. He also owned another very controversial ( for its dark past ) Mansion in the French Quarter. If you decide to take the haunted houses tour, that other mansion will be covered there. It belonged to Madame Delphine LaLaurie in the 1800s -- a New Orleans socialite and serial killer who tortured and murdered enslaved people in her household.

Hollywood Mansions in New Orleans
The Garden District

8. 2707 Coliseum -- Hollywood movie fans: can you guess what movie's opening scene takes place on these steps? Hint: it's a film about aging in reverse...

Colorful Houses in Nola
The Garden District: 1540 Harmony

9. 1540 Harmony --The most colorful mansion in the Garden District!

3 day trip to New Orleans
The Garden District: 2701 Saint Charles

10. 2701 Saint Charles -- Some of these mansions are for sale! Who wants to buy one? (Look at how fast the sky is changing, I took these photos not even a minute apart from one another, right before the storm hit!).

After, have lunch inside an old mansion turned restaurant and drink .25 CENT martinis!

3 days in New Orleans what to do
Commander's Palace, New Orleans

Commander's Palace is a staple of the garden district. This mansion-turned-restaurant is the most colorful mansion in this area. In fact, when Ella  (founder / Owner) painted it aqua blue, all the neighbors were freaking out. Still, she wanted everyone to know she was in town, and her old spot had relocated with a new name but the same inventive cuisine... This was back in 1974, so you can imagine. There's an excellent documentary on Netflix, "Ella Brennan, commanding the Table," that I recommend you watch if you're a foodie or planning a visit to Nola and this restaurant. As a traveler, I love knowing where I am and the history of the place I'm in. Ella has major #girlpower; this woman straight out of high school dedicated her life to her family-owned restaurant in the French Quarter and created a name for herself... What a legacy!

Best restaurants in Nola
$0.25 Martinis at Commander's Palace

The basic's and what you need to know:

🍸 Reservations are required

🍸 There's a dress code

🍸 .25 CENT martinis are offered only during lunch 11:30-1:30 pm

🍸 there's a limit of 3 martinis per person " cause that's enough," and I'm quoting the menu 😂, and it is. They're so strong, colorful, and yummy!

Traditional turtle home made creole dish.
Turtle Soup at Commander's Palace

TRY-- Their Turtle Soup takes 3 days to make, and it's delicious!

TRY-- Their bread pudding. Order ahead of time as this is freshly baked and takes about 25 minutes to cook...

Above ground cemetery in New Orleans
Lafayette Cemetery Number 1

Lafayette Cemetery Number 1

Did you know that once you purchase cemetery space, that's the only property the government can't take away from you if you go bankrupt? Yeap, that's right! Totally rethinking the order in which I buy assets now 😂 If you have extra time, I recommend strolling around one of Nola's many cemeteries. What makes these so unique is that they're built above ground, not a common practice in the USA. Due to this, they've served as many movie sets for horror films... Can you name any? 👻

PS: This one is across Commander's Palace, so you can head here after lunch!

From here, we're taking the streetcar back to the French Quarter. Visit any favorite spots one last time, buy souvenirs to take home, and enjoy the rest of the evening without a plan! Get lost, find new places, meet the locals, hang out, and have fun! *Note: As of 2024, some cemetery areas have been closed for renovation. Click here for up to date information.

Day 4 --Half Day

Let's start our last day in NOLA with a classic creole comfort breakfast! For a genuinely southern diner experience, we recommend visiting Mother's, which is said to be Beyonce's & JZ's favorite spot in New Orleans!

Before you go, have that famous Nola Hurricane drink in one of America's 10 oldest bars. Seriously, this place was established in the early 1770s and has no electricity! Everything is lit by candles at night. Definitely felt a little haunted... I recommend visiting during night time. Check out their calendar online. On some nights, they have a live piano in a candlelight setting. I wouldn't call it a romantic setting. With it's eerie feel, this spot teleports you to a time where pirates would gather to drink and share ghost stories 😜 definitely deserves checking out... And whatever you do, DON'T STIR that drink!