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Wilson's Restaurant | The Journey to Authentic Dominican Cuisine | Cabarete

Updated: Feb 19

One of the most delicious meals we had on our entire trip through the Dominican Republic was at an off-the-beaten-path local hidden restaurant in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This epic restaurant is only popular among the locals and an enigma for travelers worldwide as it takes a lot of work to get to. Well, that ends today! I will show you how to get to this rustic, authentic local restaurant in La Boca, at the foot of River Yasica. If you're a foodie and into seafood like me, this is an eating adventure you won't want to miss!

Wilson's La Boca Restaurant, Cabarete Dominican Republic.
Wilson's Bar and Restaurant (La Boca)

Wilson's at La Boca is one of the best restaurants in the Dominican Republic. Getting there can be a little challenging, but luckily for you, Wilson made it a point to add detailed instructions on Google Maps. Wilson's La Boca is only a 21-minute car drive from Kite Beach or downtown Cabarete. We're heading to Rio Yasica and, from there, taking a small boat across the river to the restaurant.

Wilson's La Boca restaurant is more than just a restaurant; it's a foodie experience not to be missed!

Renting a car in the Dominican Republic


You'll need a car to visit Wilson's La Boca RestaurantI recommend making car rental reservations beforehand. I often get asked whether it is safe or not to drive in the Dominican Republic. The truth is, there's always a risk attached when renting a car in a foreign country. So, driving cautiously and obeying the country's traffic regulations is crucial. We rented our car from Discover Cars and had a great experience. They offer competitive rates, as they search all the big car rental companies for the best price. I always love using this site to find cheap car rentals worldwide. You'll need a credit card to rent a car in the Dominican Republic, but you don't need an international driver's license. Be careful with speed bumps when driving as they are very high, and if you rent a low car, they will hit the road pretty hard; we almost had to go at no speed passing them! 

Table of Contents:

Getting to Wilson's La Boca

We did everything Google Maps told us to and got there just fine. This drive is difficult because you're not on a paved street but more of a dirt road full of holes and no signs. But if you're up for the challenge, that adds to the excitement and adventure of finding Wilson's Restaurant. The rugged drive is worth it if visiting one of the best restaurants for a traditional Dominican lunch in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, is the end promise.The outdoor dining experience we had while at Wilson's is one we still talk about today: wanting to go back and learn kite surfing while being foodies and eating fresh seafood! Whenever anyone asks me where to eat in Cabarete, Wilson's La Boca always comes to mind.

Directions to Wilson's La Boca in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Our starting point will be Kite Beach. Type in Wilson's Bar and Restaurant (La Boca) on google maps.

Directions on hoot get to Wilson's La Boca Restaurant.
We will park our car by the foot of Rio Yasica.

They're building a more tourist-friendly route to access Wilson's Bar and Restaurant (La Boca) from the main street. However, if you're sent through the beach forest path by the time of your trip, make sure it's not rainy season, so your wheels don't get stuck in the muddy holes if you're driving a low car. We rented a regular car and had no problems during our drive; however, it was not raining, and we went slow.

Directions to Wilson's La Boca
Take a boat to the other side of the river, where the restaurant is located.

We're parking our car by the river's end and taking a boat across. Want to see the drive in action? Check out my YouTube video and make the trip with us!

Rio Yasica | Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Yasica River is a great place to learn kite surfing if it's your first time; the environment is more controlled than the open sea. You'll cruise among the kite surfers through the river to the restaurant.This location is one of those tropical destinations and foodie restaurants with a natural, all-immersive experience. I recommend visiting this restaurant on a half-day trip or allowing a minimum of 3 hours to enjoy the experience fully. Adding kitesurfing lessons and tubing along the river can also become an amazing full day-trip.

Cabarete is known as one of the top places in the world for kitesurfing due to its consistent thermal winds.

Wilson's Bar and Restaurant (La Boca)

Behind the Scenes | How Authentic Traditional Dominican Food is Made

Let's go behind the scenes at Wilson's La Boca restaurant and see how it's all made. Wilson uses a more traditional approach to Dominican cuisine, utilizing carbon y leña (charcoal and firewood), which gives the food an authentic old-school Dominican taste. This cooking method is prevalent in the countryside in the Dominican Republic.

Meeting Wilson from Wilson's La Boca

We got to meet and chat with Wilson, he's mostly always at his restaurant, so chances are you'll get to meet him, too, if you visit. We spoke about living in the Dominican Republic, preserving Dominican culture, and his love for cooking.

I also learned some Dominican cooking tips for making delicious seafood.

Dining at Wilsons Bar and Restaurant (La Boca) | Our Meal

Our meal: we ordered the platter with everything!! Best decision ever, the food was out of this world! Our platter included fried fish, shrimp, lobster, and conch with a homemade sauce and a side of moro de guandules, fried eggplant, batata, and tostones.

I hope you enjoyed this foodies adventure trip! Leave a comment below if you're planning to visit or have been there, and share this blog post with a foodie friend you love because sharing is caring! Thanks for reading. Till next time!

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