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"The Earth is my Oven"

Baking rye bread from the lava of hot springs in Iceland.

There's a magical place in Iceland called Laugarvatn Fontana where rye bread is baked overnight using the lava from the natural hot springs and dug up each morning at exactly 11:30 am and 2:30 pm for guests to enjoy a little slice of heaven...

Who knew volcano bread was a thing!-- Hot springs are one of the main natural resource in Iceland. Long before being used for bathing they were used for more essential things such as bread baking and clothes washing...

Guess what?!!? now you get to try it!!! so warm and tender, this buttery bread will melt in your mouth. After having a few slices of fresh lava baked bread you can lounge at the cafe or head to the patio area where they have some natural outdoor hot springs for bathing with different temperature regulated pools or if you dare and extremely cold water does not scare you, take a dip in the semi frozen lake sharing waters with the Atlantic Ocean itself! We decided to do both as the change from hot to cold water can be good for the body. After merely 20 seconds in this lake, we could no longer feel our feet, the water is really intense and the path is super rocky, so wear comfortable shoes.

Want to know more fun things to do in Iceland? Check out my " Dreaming of Snow — 4 days in Iceland" blog for my favorite tour and activities to tackle during your stay. Till next time!

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