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Cheap Eats in Tokyo

Japan can be an expensive Island to travel to, this post is for the frugal traveler. I'll share my favorite 3 spots in Japan where you can have Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks and Dinner for under $10 without compromising taste... are you ready to eat your heart out? I am! let's do this!!

1. Uobei Sushi

Uobei is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that's super modern, fast and very budget friendly. We loved the experience of ordering though an iPad and having our food delivered through a conveyor belt so much we had lunch here twice! If you visit don't forget to try their famous sushi donut and go early, lines can be long and wait time can range from 20min-2hr.

2. Sushi No Midori

Our second sushi spot is inside a mall...Sushi No Midori, it was the longest line we ever made waiting for a table in Japan ( and we arrived at noon when it opened ). If you are a raw salmon lover like myself, I highly recommend the salmon salad- the best I've ever had! They also have a giant sushi roll, this roll is best enjoyed by 2+ people as its 8 pieces of sushi and each piece is the size of your hand! *Tip: if there's a line and you have to wait, do what we did and find a bar inside the mall, have a beer then come back and see what number they're at or go shopping, its a mall after all ;) be sure to keep checking for your number though so you don't miss your spot. This is a place where locals come to eat.

3. 7-Eleven

Believe it or not our third favorite cheap eats spot in Tokyo and all Japan is 7 Eleven. Now, 7 Elevens in Japan are very different from the ones we have here in the states. Most are open 24 hours and have very good quality meals, snacks and drinks ( including alcohol ) on the go. 7 Elevens became our "go to place" every time we were too tired to go out for dinner or were simply looking for an at home chilling night cap. Here you can also pay with your Suica card ( same one we used for local transportation). Bottom line — 7 Elevens in Japan are cool, practical and affordable so go get lost inside one, you won't regret it!

These are my top 3 cheap eats places in Tokyo. Have a favorite I did not mention? Leave it on a comment bellow and I'll check it out next time I'm back in Tokyo. Thanks for reading!

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