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Visualizing and Manifesting all you Desire

Hello, and welcome back! We're still doing some pre-work before welcoming the new year. If you're new to my blog, I recommend you check out the first post on this series; You can click here! There, we talk about setting a goal and actually sticking to it. You also go into a 3-day self-assessment of what your daily day looks like. This is a blueprint for you to better view the areas you want to change or improve on. If you're coming back and already did the exercises, you should have a clear idea of your goals for 2021 (you can start this process at any time; we're using the new year right now since the timing is aligning perfectly). Moving forward, we'll also add monthly habits to our daily routines.

In this post, we'll be talking about different ways in which you can manifest things into your life, good and bad. I'll touch upon three different techniques I've tried in the past and my experience with each one.

My vibes speak louder than my words

Kusadasi, Turkey.
Swimming in the Aegean Sea

It's all about attitude, really. Like attracts like, therefore whatever energy you put out into the world will bounce right back at you! Sometimes we use negative thoughts while manifesting without even realizing it; in the form of complaint or always looking at the absolute worst-case scenario about something you are dealing with. To overcome this, you must first notice when it's happening. By doing so, we detach the "emotion" from the thought and apply logic by analyzing the thought itself.

Try This: Every time a negative thought or a complaint comes to your head, stop, and think about why you're feeling that way. Is it really that bad? What can you actively do to change your situation? At first, it'll be hard to control, and you'll only notice it when it's too late and has been out of your mouth already and into the universe. Stop, think, and try again. You'll get better, promise. This is important because when you're manifesting new things into your life, you must have the right attitude about it. If you don't, then your blocking yourself and might even attract the opposite. For example, if you say, "I want to open my own business and work from home being my own boss." Still, immediately after, you start thinking and saying, "It's never going to happen," "It's too hard to be independent," "I can't afford to quit my stable job" then guess what? It's not going to happen. Want to know why? Because your vibe is already telling the universe that you wouldn't be able to handle being your own boss. Now, I'm not saying to quit your job and just manifest with thought alone that change. You need to do your part by being active and figuring out ways to reach your goals. Adding manifestation to this will open doors of opportunities, but you must be prepped with the skills needed to execute the job when the opportunities come.

Leave to the universe things out of your control and fix/do everything you have control over!

Also, who you hang out with and surround yourself with matters. Create a community of like-minded friends aligned with your goals and the lifestyle you want to live.

Ways in which I Manifest

One of my favorite forms of visualization is dream boards. I've been doing dream boards since middle school! A dream board is basically a giant poster board where you can take cut-outs from magazines, photos, drawings, words, and or anything you want to have and inspires you. Think about it as "The Big Picture" what your "Dream Life" would look like. It's super cool looking back at those "dreams" I had from 5, 10, 15 years ago. What's even cooler is realizing that a lot of them have actually come true! I always had traveling there and well, pre-covid I was always on an adventure! I'm still waiting on my house with a pool tough, lol, but I know it's coming... I'm manifesting it!

I've switched the way I do dream boards now; since I'm older and married, I'm not going to be pasting posters all over my bedroom! I now buy a blank 8x11 drawing book (the ones with all-white pages). I open it to a full two-page layout, and every quarter of the year, I create my dream board. It's super fun looking back at all the pages I've filled up, and to make it even more specific, I write next to the cut out what it is in detail that I want. My dream board looks something like this:

Using dream boards as a way of manifesting. Dream Board example to make your dreams a reality.
Dream Board

Other ways of manifesting are using the law of attraction and scripting. Although very similar, they differ in one central part-- how you ask /tell the universe or jot down in your journal the things you want. Let's talk about each in more detail.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction can attract whatever we want into our lives by using our minds and focusing on it. Think of a magnet; the more you focus on a thought, the more you attract it. The vibrations of the universe are also at play here. Remember when I said, "like attracts like"? You must vibrate at the same frequency as the things you want. For example, if you want to quit smoking but hang out with smokers, chances are you'll set yourself up for failure by placing yourself in that environment. By avoiding temptations and replacing bad habits with good habits, you'll be at a higher frequency---vibrating with the things you want. I like to use the law of attraction when I wake up before I check my phone or go to the bathroom. I think of any dreams I had the night before, check-in with my body (how I am feeling), and attract with my mind what kind of day I want to have. I also use the law when meditating. I find it to be very powerful.


Scripting is done in the form of journaling. It's another way of manifesting by acting as if you already have the things you want or they're happening in real-time, NOW. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you would write in your journal something like this: "It's been two months since I've stopped smoking and I feel better than ever! My health has improved tremendously, I can walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath"... You get the picture. You act as if you already accomplished/are accomplishing what you want. The idea behind it is that by acting as if you already "have it," you send out that vibration into the universe and trick your brain into believing it's possible because, well, "it already happened." You write in detail the reality you want to manifest. It's scripting the story of your life as if it already happened with all the things you want. Now, for this technique to work, you first have to start your journal entry with the things that you are grateful for in your current life. By starting with gratitude, you set the right mood and positive vibration energy to manifest new things. Also, focus on the things you want, not what you don't want.

I must confess that this technique doesn't always work for me personally, and it's the one I use the least. Even though I love keeping a journal, I use journaling to express my thoughts and current feelings. I use it to vent and or to dream. When I first started scripting, it worked for about 3 days. I was feeling optimistic and daydreaming about the life I wanted. As an actor, I got into character and wrote the script for the movie I was leading. This technique stoped working on days that I felt a bit gloomy or anxious. Why? Because my brain judged it and thought it was bull shit! My brain knew I wasn't in France, shooting an independent movie and backpacking through its countryside. I was in quarantine at my NYC apartment, surrounded by an airborne virus! So my brain went, "what are you talking about?!


I still do scripting, but It's not my go-to when manifesting. I use it more to daydream about once a month or so instead of daily. I urge you to try all 3 or at least one to manifest the things you want for the New Year; in fact, that is your homework.

Let me know how it went! Leave a comment below. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! See you in 2021! I am grateful to have you as a reader!

sending universal love,


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