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Packing List for Las Vegas: Vegas Outfits

Putting together a Vegas outfit can be fun! When I think of Vegas, I think of Elvis, lights, entertainment, and over-the-top fashion. However, reality is different from what we see on TV. I always think of comfort when I visit any destination without compromising my style. Nevertheless, I let myself play with my fashion choices this time. When in Vegas, baby! Here's a list of what to pack for 3-days in Las Vegas.

woman in sequin dress. glam style. fashion for Las Vegas.
What to Wear in Las Vegas

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When in Vegas, BABY!

Packing List for Las Vegas: Vegas Outfits 2024 Edition

Flowy Dresses

girl inside the cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. Casual flow dress.
Casual Chic Flowy Dresses for Vegas

I love flowy dresses, and I try to pack them almost every time I visit somewhere warm, but I should have considered that Vegas is exceptionally windy. So I held the skirt down of my outfit every time I wore my short flowy dress outside. Because if not, let's say I was having plenty of Marilyn Monroe moments.

On the other hand, a short, flowy dress made the packing list for Las Vegas because it's one of those Vegas outfits that works excellent if you're staying indoors and, let's say, having dinner at a restaurant inside your hotel. They're super practical, don't take a lot of room in your suitcase, and can be dressed up and down to fit wherever you're going. Flowy dresses are one of those Vegas Outfits that are very versatile. Add a blazer when the weather starts to cool off, and you'll have a chic look to fit your Vegas style.

What do people wear in Las Vegas. Las Vegas what to wear.
Amazon Inspired Flowy Dresses Outfit Ideas

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Wedge Sandals

When strolling along the lengthy Las Vegas strip, wearing comfortable footwear is essential. The endless walking takes a toll on your feet. I highly recommend wedges, as they elevate any outfit or keep it casual and provide much more comfort than heels.

Top shoes to wear in Vegas that are comfortable. Wedge Sandals from Amazon.
The Best Wedge Sandals from Amazon

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Sun Protection

While packing outfits and looks for my trip, I wanted oversized sunglasses just for the look. I thought, "I'm going to Vegas, baby; go big or go home." To my surprise, those sunglasses saved my eyes. Las Vegas can get very windy, and sometimes, out of nowhere, you have mini sand storms. I highly recommend oversized sunglasses to protect your eyes and even a scarf or mask to cover your nose and mouth. Sandstorms don't always happen; if they happen, you want to be prepared and feel comfortable during your travels.

2024 trendy scarves and accessories
Amazon Favorite Oversized Sunglasses + Accessories

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Matching Two-Piece Sets

Matching two-piece sets are convenient and stylish. My sister wore a matching white wide-leg pant outfit that was cute, trendy, and stylish, and it quickly became a statement piece. What I love most about matching coord sets is that it takes minimum effort to pull off a classy or eclectic look. Many styles are minimalist, with a shirt and bottom to match, while others can make you look a bit more dressed up!

Coord sets and accessories for women. What to wear to a Las Vegas Show.
Amazon Inspired Matching Sets

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Leather and Fringe

I always wear skinny black jeans with a leather jacket when I want to dress up and still be comfortable. That combo is a staple in my book for a night-time low-key outfit! I also love swapping leather jackets for fringe vests when the weather is warmer or styling the leather jacket with a graphic tee for a more grungy look. Let the mood of the night be your guide. Vegas is a melting pot of personalized styles; you'll find a little of everything on a night out in the city. What to wear in Vegas in the winter varies from what to wear in the warmer summer months. Temperatures can drop low; that's when a leather jacket is handy! They can keep you warm while still looking stylish.

What to wear in Las Vegas at night. Fringe, sequin tops, leather jackets and skinny jeans.
Amazon Inspired Night Out Outfits for Vegas

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Fedora Hats and Fur

Las Vegas is the perfect city to wear faux fur. Vegas is a fun city where you can go all out, so have fun and play dress up! Wear fedora hats and fur-lined outfits. Fur also has a celebratory aspect to it. If you're wondering what to wear in Las Vegas in December for the holidays, for example-- fur will add that little element of celebratory fun while adding a nod of nostalgia to the past and keeping you warm! I love wearing faux fur during the holiday season.

What to wear in Las Vegas at night. Fur tops and fedora hats.
Budget Fedora Hats and Faux Fur Jackets from Amazon

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Kimonos can be very practical; wear them on top of your swimsuit or with flowy pants and jeans and make an outfit out of them. Kimonos are a great choice when it's a bit cold out and you need to figure out what to wear in Las Vegas at night. Depending on the fabric/ material, they can dress up and turn any daytime into a night outfit.

What to wear to a Las Vegas show. Nighttime Vegas outfits. Kimonos, cropped tops.
Amazon Inspired Night in Vegas Outfits

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Avant Garde Make-Up

My sister is a pro when it comes to glitter and fun makeup! The most I did was the bronzy eyeshadow look, but she went all out and had such stunning looks! Vegas is the perfect city to play with your makeup, so think outside the box and try something new!

what to wear to a Las Vegas Show. Make up for Las Vegas.
Amazon Inspired Make up Ideas for Vegas

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Oversized Jackets

Oversized Jackets that you can throw over your outfit when the sun starts to fade. We went to Vegas in spring, and the weather was unpredictable daily. We were there for a week, and during that week, we experienced a lot of wind, a mini sandstorm, and some rain. The early morning is a light jacket kind of weather; by 11ish, when the sun starts to beam, it gets really hot, and at night it gets a bit cold. Having a jacket that you can throw over your outfit is ideal. I recommend packing an oversized denim jacket; leather jackets also work well, and even shawls. My sister put it best:" When you're in the shade, it gets cold; when you're in the sun, it gets hot," so weather fluctuates significantly. What to wear in Las Vegas at night are layered pieces that can be taken out/ put in during the length of the day.

What to wear in Las Vegas in march. Trendy oversized jackets.
Amazon Inspired Oversized Jackets

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Clutches can dress up and elevate any outfit. However, they can sometimes be impractical since you must always hold them. Try to find clutches that double up as crossbody bags with a cute chain. Clutches always come to mind when I think of what to wear to a Las Vegas show; they are the ultimate night-time accessory to carry.

Las Vegas what to wear at night. Night clutches from Amazon.
Best Budget Amazon Inspired Clutches

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Low Heel Booties

I wore low-heeled booties when I was not wearing flats. They're so comfortable, and I recommend keeping the heel at 3" max! Anything over will start hurting unless you plan to take Ubers everywhere. So, what do people wear in Vegas? Comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk great distances. If you still opt for a traditional heel to party at night, carry them in a more oversized purse to swap them in and out when your feet tire.

Las Vegas what to wear. Comfortable low heel booties to wear in Las Vegas.
The best Amazon Booties for Walking ALL DAY

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Skirts work great in Vegas! Pair a mini skirt with a high-knee boot, or wear a midi skirt with an underlayer for cooler weather to keep you warm! Skirts always come to mind when I think of Las Vegas and what to wear. They can be sexy or more sophisticated, depending on the fabric and style. Skirts can be a great option if you're also thinking of what to wear to Vegas shows! Pair a midi skirt with a fedora hat, a low-heel bootie, and a clutch, and you'll have an outfit that will tick all the boxes when deciding what to wear to a Las Vegas show.

What do you wear in Vegas outfit guide. skirts and accessories for Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Outfits from Amazon

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What do you wear in Vegas when you want to look good and still be comfortable? Rompers!! Rompers are cozy, they look great, and most have pockets. I love rompers! When I was home picking out my outfits for Vegas, I thought about "what should I wear in Vegas/ how to dress in Vegas," to have killer Las Vegas outfits and yet still feel in control of what I was wearing, and rompers are always my go-to.

Vegas what to wear. Rompers and glittery outfits.
What to Wear Las Vegas | Amazon Outfits

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Strappy flats that tie up your leg look great and are more elevated than simple sandals, so you can easily take them from day to night. Also, flat knee-high boots are fantastic! They'll make any outfit pop and are super comfortable and stylish.

What to wear Las Vegas. Flat shoe options for Las Vegas . Flat high knee boot.
Best Flats from Amazon in 2024

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Las Vegas is famous for its epic pool party scene. Pack your swimsuit to take full advantage of the amazing pool parties along the strip.

What to wear Las Vegas. pool coverups and swimwear.
Las Vegas Pool Party Outfit Ideas from Amazon

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I hope this list has inspired you to decide what to wear in Las Vegas. When choosing your outfits, always remember Las Vegas is a fun destination. Step outside your comfort zone and experiment a little with your wardrobe choices. Thank you so much for reading!

Till next time!

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